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Academic Advisement Center
Director Academic Advisement, Heather Peck, NUC 121, Box 149
Assistant Director Academic Suc/St Svc, Stephanie Driver, NUC 121H, Box 149
Assistant Director Aca Advis Ops, Christine Fisher, NUC 121, Box 149
Coordinator, Academic Advisement, NUC 121, Box 149

Academic Affairs, V.P.
Provost/VP Academic Affairs, John Barthell, Ph.D., ADM 228B, Box 159
Associate VP Academic Affairs, Charlotte Simmons, Ph.D., ADM 228, Box 159
Associate VP Inst Effective, Gary Steward Jr, Ph.D., ADM 218, Box 159
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Linda Banks, Ph.D., 201 N Bryant, Box 170
Assistant Vice President, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, Gregory Wilson, Ph.D., NUC 341C, Box 132
Assistant Vice President for Global and Cultural Competencies, David Macey Jr, Ph.D., THH 104, Box 83
Director, OKC Cultural Outreach and Diversity Strategies, Liliana Renteria Mendoza, THH 107, Box 83
Executive Director, Academic Policy & Curriculum, Julie Byer, ADM 216, Box 159
Project Specialist, Beverly Prosser, ADM 228, Box 159
Assistant to Provost, Andrea McCoy, ADM 228C, Box 159
Director, Academic Publications, Sue Rempe, ADM 228, Box 159
Academic Publications Specialist/Web Administrator, Vickie Garlitz, ADM 216, Box 159
Manager Finance & Operations, Lisa Kern, ADM 228, Box 159
Manager Budget, Megan Clinkenbeard, ADM 228, Box 159

Academic Broadcasting (See UCentral Student Media Network)

Academic Technology
Technology Resource Center, ADM 101, Box 114

Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma (ACM@UCO)
25 S. Oklahoma Ave., Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Campus Box 205
Executive Director, Scott Booker,
Assistant Director ACM, Patrick Conlon,
Business Development Center Manager, Derek Brown,
Business Manager, Kimberly Slagle,
Director of Academic Operations, Chris Hicks,
Coordinator of Academic Operations - Music Performance, Mitch Bell,
Academic Prog Spec I, Alissa Giacona,
Coordinator PR & Marketing, Jennifer Chancellor

Access Control (Safety and Transportation Services)

Accounting Services (See Financial Services)

Accounting, Academic Department of
Chair/Professor, Bambi Hora, J.D., THH 140, Box 101

Admission to Teacher Education

Adult Education & Safety Sciences, Dept. of
Chair/Professor, Candy Sebert, Ed.D., HES 202B, Box 120
Career and Technology Education, Candy Sebert, Ed.D., HES 202B, Box 120
General Studies, Candy Sebert, Ed.D., HES 202B, Box 120
Industrial Safety, Robin Lacy Jr, Ph.D., HES 200D, Box 120
Masters of Education in General Education, Leonard Bogner, Ed.D., HES 200F, Box 120
Organizational Leadership, Kristi Archuleta, Ed.D., THH 106A, Box 83
Administrative Assistant III, Zahra Khalili, HES 200, Box 120

Adult Education/Training

Advanced Professional & Special Services, Donna Nigh Department of
Chair/Associate Professor, Cheryl Evans, Ed.D., LIB 128, Box 193
Educational Leadership, Paul Haxton, Ed.D., LIB 126, Box 193
Guidance & Counseling, Laressa Beliele, Ph.D., LIB 149, Box 193
Director, Reading Clinic, Julie Collins, Ph.D., LIB 166, Box 80
Special Services, Barbara Green, Ph.D., LIB 152, Box 193
Speech-Language Pathology, Linda Sealey-Holtz, Ph.D., LIB 162, Box 80
Administrative Assistant III, Lindsey Rodgers, LIB 124, Box 193
Administrative Secretary II/Reading, Sandra Hunter, LIB 175, Box 80
Administrative Assistant II, Jessica Wilkens, LIB 159, Box 80

Advancement, Office for
Vice President for Development & Executive Director of the Foundation, Anne Holzberlein, EVH 102, Box 133
Alumni Relations
Development Office/Foundation
EVH 102, Box 133
Associate Vice President for Development, Brenda Knott
Associate VP Dev/PR & Mrktg, Jay Corwin, Ph.D.
Director Alumni Relations, Lauri Monetti
Manager Development, Deborah Baucom
Major Gifts Officer, Tara Simmons
Manager Development, Karisa Rollins
Manager Development, Isaac Arredondo
Development Officer, Erin Ta
Marketing Manager, Jamie Hadwin
Manager Advancement Svcs, Tina Frazier
Information Spec I, Wendy Lackmeyer
Coordinator Annual Giving Prog, Kristen Merritt
Office Manager, Megan Gatlin
Accountant III, Deborah Dowdy
Administrative Assistant II, Jeff Lockwood
Events Coordinator, Sara Miller
Administrative Spec I, Christina Kalabic
Data Entry Processor, Mallory Bowman

Affirmative Action (See Legal Services)

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Office (ADAP)
NUC 419

Alumni Relations (See Advancement, Office for )

American Democracy Project
American Democracy Project, Center for Civic Engagement, THH 121C
Director, Janelle Grellner, Ph.D., OLN 113B, Box 85

American Indian Studies
Director, Brad Watkins, Ph.D., LAR 204C, Box 182,

Applied Liberal Arts Program
Director, James Mock, Ph.D., LAR 205I, Box 184

Architectural & Engineering Services
Director Architectural & Engineering Services, David G Stapleton, FAM 118, Box 148
Assistant Director A & E Services, Kevin Tero, FAM 125, Box 148
Project Manager III, Rudy Garcia, FAM 106, Box 148
Project Manager III, Teresa Delaney, FAM 121C, Box 148
Director Facilities Oper, Debi Young, FAM 104, Box 119
Project Manager, Adelina Jaha, FAM 122A, Box 148
Construction Admin, Rick Hacker, FAM 121A, Box 148

Assistant Director Univ Library, Nicole Willard, LIB 215, Box 192

Army ROTC Office (See Military Science, Dept. of)

Art, Dept. of
Interim Chair/Associate Professor, David Maxwell, M.F.A., A&D 101G, Box 180
Assistant Chair/Assistant Professor, Michael Litzau, M.F.A., A&D 200C, Box 180
Administrative Assistant II, Kay Jones, A&D 101, Box 180

Athletic Academic Eligibility/NCAA

Athletic Compliance (See Legal Services)

Athletic Department Media Relations
Assistant Athletic Director Media, Chris Brannick, SPC 212K, Box 330

Athletics Department
Director Athletics, Eddie Griffin, SPC 212B, Box 330
Assistant Athletic Dir, Brandon Baker, SPC 212, Box 330
Assistant Athletic Dir, Gunnar Poff, SPC 212E, Box 330
Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance, Darnell Smith, SPC 212J, Box 330
Director of Athletic Compliance, Jeremy Rogers, SPC 212H, Box 330
Assistant Athletic Dir/SWA, Britni Brannon, SPC 212D, Box 330
Assistant Athletic Director Media, Chris Brannick, SPC 212K, Box 330
Director of the Stampede Club, Al Jones, SPC 211, Box 330
Director Ticket Operations, William Shaw, HFH 109, Box 190
Tickets for athletic events

All four digit campus numbers can be dialed from off-campus with a 974 prefix.

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