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Associate Professor

University of Central Oklahoma


Current research interests include asset pricing, capital structure, dividend policy and market microstructure. William Pratt, Ph.D., has published several peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Managerial Finance, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Finance Research Letters, Market Microstructure and Liquidity, Journal of Accounting and Finance, Studies in Economics and Finance, Economics Notes, Journal of Health Care Finance and Journal of Education for Business.

Pratt instructs courses on corporate finance, real estate investment and data analytics. He has served as an ad hoc reviewer for The Financial Review, Managerial Finance, Finance Research Letters, Applied Financial Economics and the Journal of the Academy of Business Education. He is also a member of the Southern Finance Association and American Finance Association.

Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D., Finance, University of Texas – Pan American
  • M.B.A., Eastern New Mexico University
  • B.S., Business, California State University Channel Islands


Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

  • Pratt, W.R., Kamal, S.M.,& Ma, A. (2023) " A New Look on the Probability of Retail Investor Margin Use and Margin Call" Finance Research Letters
  • Pratt, W.R.,Barboza, G.,& Brigida, M. (2023) "Leverage and Firm Value" Economic Notes 
  • Barboza, G., Singh, N., & Pratt W.R. (2021) “Producer Benefit Experience, Information Asymmetries, and Value Exchange Process” International Journal of Business Environment 12(3); 248-264.
  • Pratt, W.R. & Brigida, M. (2019) “Temporal Change in Capital Structure Determinants” Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives 46(2); 160-204.
  • Brigida, M. & Pratt, W.R. (2019)“High-Frequency Trading and the Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report” Studies in Economics and Finance 36(4); 547-566.
  • Lira, M.V., Pratt, W.R., & Bald ́o C. (2019) “When the government is not the best business owner. A review of the Venezuelan government intervention in the insurance sector 2007-2013” Vision Gerencial 18(2); 219-231.
  • Brigida, M., Pratt, W.R. (2018) “Trade Intensity and Liquidity” Market Microstructure and Liquidity 4(2); .
  • Chen, H., Pratt, W.R., & Estes, J. (2018) “Investment performance of healthcare mutual funds and ETFs” Managerial Finance 44(4); 495-508.
  • Pratt, W.R., Brigida, M., & Jackson, D.O. (2017) “Financing Regimes” International Review of Accounting, Banking, and Finance 9(2) ; 1-36.
  • Brigida, M., Pratt, W.R. (2017) “Fake News” North American Journal of Economics and Finance 42; 564-573.
  • Pratt, W.R., Soydemir, G. & Bastida, E. (2015) “Globalization of Health Care: An Equilibrium Based Asset Pricing Approach” Journal of Financial Transformation. 41(1); 70-80. 
  • Pratt, W.R. (2015) “Predicting MBA Student Success and Streamlining the Admissions Process” Journal of Education for Business. 90(5); 247-254.
  • Pratt, W.R. (2015) “Health Care Expenditures in OECD Countries, Employing a Technology Component” Journal of Accounting and Finance. 15(6); 66-84.
  • Pratt, W.R., Belloit, J. (2014) “Hospital Costs and Profitability Related to the PPACA” Journal of Hospital Administration. 3(3): 100-106.
  • Su, D., Pratt, W.R., Stimpson, J.P., Wong, R., & Pagan, J.A. (2013) “Uninsurance, Underinsurance, and Health Care Utilization in Mexico by US Border Residents” Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 1-6.
  • Su, D., Pratt, W.R., Salinas, J.J., Wong, R., & Pagan, J.A. (2013) “Rural-Urban Differences in Health Services Utilization in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region” The Journal of Rural Health. 29(2); 215-223.
  • Pratt, W.R., Jackson, D.O. (2012) “No News is Good News, Unexpected Returns and Changes in the Homeland Security Advisory System” Journal of Financial and Economic Practice. 12(3); 13-28.
  • Pratt, W.R. (2010) “What Does Free Cash Flow Tell Us About Hospital Efficiency? A Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Cost Inefficiency in California Hospitals” Journal of Health Care Finance. 37(1); 35-44.
  • Pratt, W.R. (2010) “A Look at Predicting Yields” Journal of Financial and Economic Practice. 10(1); 114-122.
  • Pratt, W.R. (2010) “Physician Career Satisfaction: Examining Perspectives of the Working Environment” Hospital Topics. 88(2) 43-52. 
  • Pagan, J., Pratt, W.R., & Sun, J. (2009) “Which Physicians have Access to Electronic Prescribing and Which Ones End Up Using It?” Health Policy. 89(3); 288-94.
  • Pratt, W.R. (2008) “Keeping Hospitals Healthy: Focus Centers Translate into Greater Net Revenue” Hospital Topics. 86(2); 13-19. –Invited Submission
  • Pratt, W.R. (2008) “Ownership Issues in Specialty Hospitals” Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives. 33(2); 202-211

Classes Taught

  • FIN 3563 Fundamental of Business Finance
  • FIN 4383 Real Estate Investment
  • BA 5243 Financial Modeling & Analysis
  • MBA 5142 Managerial Finance

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