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Director PGM

University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-5247 College of Business BUS 117 , Box 115


Tony Luczak's academic mission is to share his knowledge and expertise with the next generation to empower them to impact the world positively. By combining his research, experience and delivering experiential learning, he can help future generations develop effective strategies for improving the human condition. Luczak's research has focused on developing intelligent systems incorporating advanced human factors engineering and exercise science. By integrating artificial intelligence (AI), wearable and mobile technology and human intelligence, he aims to optimize human performance and improve the overall quality of life.

Education and Certifications

Ph.D. - Industrial and Systems Engineering, Human Factors & Ergonomics          2017-20

M.S. - Exercise Science, Department of Kinesiology                                              2015-17

B.B.A. - Marketing, Professional Golf Management                                                1986-90

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

  • Ghorbani, M., Yaali, R., Sadeghi, H., & Luczak, T. (2023). The effect of foot posture on static balance, ankle and knee proprioception in 18-to-25-year-old female student: a cross-sectional study. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 24(1), 1-9.
  • Luczak, T., Saucier, D., Chander, H., Tang, Y., Freeman, C., Lamberth, J., ... & Tian, L. (2023, March). The Opportunity to Collect Kinetic Forces During a Round of Golf Using Wearable Devices: Single-Subject Case Study–The Full Swings. In 2023 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW) (pp. 249-253). IEEE.
  • Chen, C.-C., Ryuh, Y., Luczak, T., & Lamberth, J. (2022). Examining Different Foci of Attention on Golf Putting Performance in Novice Learners. The Physical Educator, 79(4), 466-483.
  • Luczak, A., Jones, J. A., Burch, R., Barlow, J., Nelsen, P., Grice, S. M., ... & Morgan, C. (2022, March). Advancing tangible augmented game objects for use in a golf swing, self-service training environment: Report of Work-in-Progress with a Multidisciplinary Emphasis. In 2022 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW) (pp. 136-140). IEEE. 
  • Chen, C. C., Ryuh, Y., Luczak, T., & Lamberth, J. (2021). The Effects of Attentional Focus and Skill Level on the Performance of Golf Putting. Journal of Motor Learning and Development, 9(3), 371-382.
  • Luczak, T., Burch, R., Smith, B., Chander, H., Carruth, D., Lamberth, J., ... & Burgos, B. (2022). Using human factors engineering and Garvin’s product quality to develop a basketball shoe taxonomy. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, 236(1), 60-69.
  • Luczak, T., Smith, B., Lamberth, J., Carruth, D., Crane, C., Hoppa, M., & Burgos, B. (2020). Perception of Comfort, Fit, and Jumping Performance of Elite NCAA Division 1 Student-athletes: The Effect of Basketball Shoe Design–Part II. International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science, 8(3), 45-57.
  • Luczak T, Burch RF, Smith B, Lamberth J and Carruth D. Jumping Performance of Elite NCAA Division 1 Student-athletes: The Effect of Basketball Shoe Design–Part I. International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science. 2020; 8: 17-25.
  • Talegaonkar, P.; Saucier, D.; Carroll, W.; Peranich, P.; Parker, E.; Middleton, C.; Davarzani, S.; Turner, A.; Persons, K.; Casey, L.; Burch V, R.F.; Ball, J.E.; Chander, H.; Knight, A.; Luczak, T.; Smith, B.K.; Prabhu, R.K. Closing the Wearable Gap-Part VII: A Retrospective of Stretch Sensor Tool Kit Development for Benchmark Testing. Electronics 2020, 9, 1457.
  • Davarzani, S.; Saucier, D.; Peranich, P.; Carroll, W.; Turner, A.; Parker, E.; Middleton, C.; Nguyen, P.; Robertson, P.; Smith, B.; Ball, J.; Burch, R.; Chander, H.; Knight, A.; Prabhu, R.; Luczak, T. Closing the Wearable Gap—Part VI: Human Gait Recognition Using Deep Learning Methodologies. Electronics 2020, 9, 796.
  • Luczak T, Burch V, Reuben F, et al. Closing the Wearable Gap—Part V: Development of a Pressure-Sensitive Sock Utilizing Soft Sensors. Sensors. 2020; 20: 208.
  • Luczak, T., Burch, R. F., Lewis, E., Chander, H., & Ball, J. , Athletics Wearable Technology State of the Art Review: What 113 strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers from the USA said about technology in sports. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, 2019.
  • Saucier D DS, Turner A, Luczak T, Nguyen P, Carroll W, F. Burch V. R, Ball JE, Smith BK, Chander H, Knight A, Prabhu RK. Closing the Wearable Gap—Part IV: 3D Motion Capture Cameras Versus Soft Robotic Sensors Comparison of Gait Movement Assessment. Electronics. Electronics. 2019;; 8.
  • Zhang L, Luczak T, Smith E and Burch RF. Using Microsoft HoloLens to improve memory recall in anatomy and physiology: A pilot study to examine the efficacy of using augmented reality in education. Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange (JETDE). 2019; 12: 2, 
  • Chander, H., Stewart, E., Saucier, D., Nguyen, P., Luczak, T., Ball, JE., Knight, A., Smith, Brian K., Prabhu, RK. Closing the Wearable Gap—Part III: Use of Stretch Sensors in Detecting Ankle Joint Kinematics During Unexpected and Expected Slip and Trip Perturbations. Electronics. 2019; 8: 1083.
  • Saucier, D., Luczak, T., Nguyen, P., Davarzani, S., Peranich, P., Ball, JE., Burch, RF V., Smith, B., Chander, H., Knight, A., Closing the Wearable Gap—Part II: Sensor Orientation and Placement for Foot and Ankle Joint Kinematic Measurements. Sensors, 2019. 19(16): p. 3509.
  • Luczak, T., Saucier, D., Burch, V., Ball, J., Chander, H., Knight, A., ... & Iftekhar, T. (2018). Closing the Wearable Gap: Mobile Systems for Kinematic Signal Monitoring of the Foot and Ankle. Electronics, 7(7), 117.
  • Knight, A. C., Lamberth, J., Galloway, R., Reynolds, N., & Luczak, T. (2015). The Effect of Static Club Head Loft of a Driver on Golf Ball Launch Variables and Distance. IJGS3(2).
  • Lamberth, J., Hale, B. D., Knight, A., Boyd, J., & Luczak, T. (2013). Effectiveness of a six-week strength and functional training program on golf performance. International Journal of Golf Science2, 33-42.
  • Lacy, T. E., Yu, J., Axe, J., & Luczak, T. (2012). The Effect of Driver Mass and Shaft Length on Initial Golf Ball Launch Conditions: A Designed Experimental Study. Procedia Engineering34, 379-384.


  • World Scientific Congress of Golf 2023 –
    • “The Challenges of Coaching Using 2D Golf Swing Video Data Compared to the Challenges of Building a 3D Technology-Based Coach.”
    •  “The Opportunity to Collect Kinetic Forces During a Round of Golf Using Wearable Devices: Single-Person Pilot Study.”
  • World Scientific Congress of Golf 2014
    • “Situation Awareness in Golf = GAME2
    • “Activation of the Right Pec Major and Left Deltoid Muscles During The Golf Swing as an Instructional Technique.”


  • TechConnect World Innovation Conference 2022 – “Athlete Engineering Baseline Ecosystem: innovative technologies to enhance human performance.” TechConnect Innovation Award 2022 winner.
  • Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineering Annual Conference 2022 – “A survey of technical challenges in computer vision via machine and deep learning for human pose estimation.”
  • ICCMAE 2022 – “Survey on using computer vision to push 2D video to 3D space for Golf Training & Performance.”
  • IEEE VR 2022 – ARES – Augmented Reality Enabling Superhuman Sports and Serious Games Workshop – “Advancing tangible augmented game objects for use in a golf swing, self-service training environment: Report of Work-in-Progress with a Multidisciplinary Emphasis.”
  • Wearable Flexible Sensor Motion Capture System, US11672480B2, Patent Awarded.
    • The present invention provides a novel system and device for wearables for humans and animals that capture and store kinematic and kinetic data and movement during training, rehabilitation, real-time events, and the like, analyze such data and movement in real-time during and after such activities, and provide output, feedback, assessment, and actionable biomechanical data and information about the wearer.
  • Mississippi State University Invention Disclosure, A Hand Wearable IMU Sensor Mount.
    • A wearable device that allows for the connection of inertial measurement units and other sensors to the user's back of their hand to measure hand and wrist motion. The wearable mount does not interfere with or adversely affect the handling and use of objects, sports equipment, and tools.
  • Mississippi State University Invention Disclosure, Mobile Markerless Motion Capture for Movement Data Collection in All Environments.
    • Markerless Motion Capture using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Using at least three (3) UAS, commonly referred to as drones, to capture movement of a human or animal. This movement is captured using wireless cameras that are synced. The markerless motion capture software, installed on a local computer, communicates with the cameras to capture the movement and joints of the human or animal. The UAS platforms are synced to remain in formation with the human or animal being observed. The UAS platforms are synced using a drone show software to ensure proper placement.


​​​Humo, LLC

Chief Operating Officer                                                                                                  2022-Present

  • Humo is an MSU start-up derived from our research in soft robotic sensors, Wearable Flexible Sensor Motion Capture System, US11672480B2. Humo’s first use-case of wearable technology is in golf  (Humo.Golf).

Mississippi State University Golf Course

Director of Golf                                                                                                           2007-15

  • Created the MSU Institute of Golf, an IHL-approved research center to investigate motor control & learning to improve performance and mitigate injuries.
  • Increased revenues from $500K to over $1.25M and achieved profitability two years after employment.
  • Published golf science articles in Golf Digest with academic partners.
  • Provided internships and employment to Professional Golf Management students.
  • Created an indoor studio and club fitting center.
  • Recognized as Callaway’s Southwest Region Club Fitter of the Year.
  • Recognized as Gulf States PGA Player Development of the Year.

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Faculty – Industrial & Systems Engineering, Engineering Economy, 2 semesters, and 2 classes (2020-21)

Graduate Teaching Assistant – Kinesiology – Physical Education Classes, 4 semesters, and 4 classes (2016-18)

Entrepreneurship Training

  • Research Entrepreneur Training – Mississippi State University – 2023.
  • Innovation MS – CoBuilders Program by Microsoft – June 2023.
  • National Science Foundation – South Region and National I-Corps Program – Entrepreneurial Lead (2018 – 2019).

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