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University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-5405 Donna Nigh Dept. of Advanced Professional & Special Services EDU 303C , Box 106


James (Jim) Machell has been a teacher for 45 years, including service to students and communities in Oklahoma, Wyoming and Missouri. Jim began his career as an elementary teacher at Ridgeview Elementary School in Oklahoma City Public Schools for 11 years, then served as principal at Rosary Catholic School in Oklahoma City for seven years. Machell’s higher education appointments included serving as an assistant professor in the College of Education at the University of Wyoming for five years; service as associate professor, professor, program coordinator and department chair at Central Missouri State University and the University of Missouri for eight years; and service as dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma for the past 14 years. Jim is most excited to be joining the college as a professor of Educational Leadership in July 2019. Jim earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Oklahoma City University, a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education Administration from Central State University (UCO), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Administration, Curriculum and Supervision at the University of Oklahoma. He has published more than 30 articles and book chapters and presented extensively on research interests including teacher evaluation systems, innovative practices in teacher and school leader preparation, and university / school partnerships. Jim is married and lives in Edmond. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and playing golf.

Education and Certifications

Ph.D., Educational Administration, Curriculum and Supervision, 1991, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

M.Ed., Elementary Administration, 1984, Central State University (University of Central Oklahoma), Edmond, Oklahoma

B.A., Elementary Education, 1974, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Professor, College of Education and Professional Studies, July 2019 - ?

Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies, University of Central Oklahoma, July 2005 – present

Chair and Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development, Central Missouri State University, August 2000 – June 2005

Coordinator, Statewide Cooperative Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, Central Missouri Statewide University, August, 1997 – June, 2005

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development, Central Missouri State University, August, 1997 – August, 2000

Doctoral Faculty, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Missouri – Columbia, August 1997 – June, 2005

Assistant Professor, Unit of Educational Leadership, Division of Leadership and Human Development, University of Wyoming, August, 1992 – July, 1997

Principal, Rosary Catholic School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August, 1985 – July,  1992

Teacher, Oklahoma City Public Schools, August, 1974 – July, 1985           

Honors and Awards

Apr. 2019         Vision Award, Oklahoma Teachers of the Year

Feb. 2011        Distinguished Graduate Award, Christ the King School, Oklahoma City, OK (in conjunction with the National Catholic Education Association)

May 2010       University of Central Oklahoma, College of Education and Professional Studies, Elizabeth H. Threat Diversity Initiative Award (awarded by college faculty)

Fall 2001        High Flyer Award for Teaching Excellence (Summer 2000 term), College of Education, University of Missouri – Columbia

Spring 2000   Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship College of Education and Human Services, Central Missouri State University

Fall 1999        High Flyer Award for Teaching Excellence (Summer 1998 term), College of Education, University of Missouri – Columbia

Spring 1999   Department of Special Services Scholarship Award, College of Education and Human Services, Central Missouri State University

Fall 1997        Awarded Doctoral Faculty Status, College of Education, University of  Missouri – Columbia

Fall 1993        Appointment to Graduate Faculty, University of Wyoming

Spring 1991   Outstanding Educator of the Year, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

1977 - 1984     President's Honor Roll, University of Central Oklahoma

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

Refereed Publications

Machell, J. and Evans, C. (2019 - accepted pending revisions). “Rightsizing Oklahoma school districts: Examining district size, enrollment and superintendent compensation in Oklahoma school districts, Voices of Reform: Educational Research to Inform and Reform.

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Machell, J., Berube, W., & Sorenson, D. (1993). Beyond GRE's and GPA's: Identifying and selecting the new breed. Planning and Changing, 24 (3/4), 240-253.

Invited/Other Publications

Machell, J. (2018 – in progress). “Right-sizing” Oklahoma Districts: Examining district size, enrollment and superintendent compensation in Oklahoma School Districts. A policy paper to be distributed to head of Oklahoma Senate and House Education Committees and invited for inclusion to readings for 2018 meetings of  the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals via Dr. Mark Kinders.

Russell, H., Hutchinson, S., Webster, J. K., Haxton, P., Evans, C., Thomas, D., &  Machell, J. (2016). – Collaborative principal preparation cohorts: The perception of graduates from two similar graduate programs in two adjoining states. Southern Regional Council on Educational Administration Journal, (16) 2, 2016.

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