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Coordinator Sftwre Integration

University of Central Oklahoma


University of Central Oklahoma

Software Development Manager 2012-present

Oklahoma State University

Application Developer/Server Administrator 2005-2012

  • Started working in the math department as their server administrator - Had two student employees and we maintained all the servers and desktops for the math department.
  • Then in November 2006, I moved to the IT department as a server administrator where I maintained all the Departmental Servers, SCOM, WSUS, CommVault Backup, and Solaris Voyager systems.
  • I moved to the Physical Plant department as an application developer. I implemented ESRI GIS Server and mapping application


Business Analyst – Research Scientist – IT Manager 1982-2004

  • I worked in a variety of roles over the years. Chief accomplishment was development of an integrated Geo-Science workstation. It integrated data from geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering, and reservoir engineering.
  • Change the way that Conoco worked, going from hand drawn maps to computer generated.
  • Also worked in Calgary as IT manager providing it services and in the Lower 48 Office out of Houston assisting in integration of the merger of Conoco and Phillips processes.

Boeing Computer Company

Software Engineer – 1979-1982

  • Worked with a number of systems which were part of the 757 and 767 airplanes. Defined validation testing required for FAA Certification of digital systems.
  • Also worked in the Renton Flight Simulation Lab providing inputs to various system black boxes for pre-flight system integration testing.

Tinker Air Force Base

Physicist 1976-1979

  • Developed automatic control system software for jet engine testing after they were overhauled, but before they are placed in airplanes. 
  • Made sure that all parameters met Manufactures Technical Specification of trust and vibrations.

Education and Certifications

University of Oklahoma — Master of Science – Engineering Physics

Oklahoma State University – Solid State Physics

  • Developed dual beam spectrophotometer for testing of crystal absorption spectrum which involved growing crystals and bombarding them with a 50K volt beam or irradiating them with Gamma Rays.

University of Central Oklahoma – Bachelor of Science – Math and Physics

  • Society of Physics Students, Beullah Fetterman Scholarship, Outstanding Beginning Physics Student, Outstanding Upper-class Man in Math


My wife and I are Warm and Hot Glass Artists. We fuse glass, cast glass, blow glass, create glass powder prints, and sand carved glass.

We produce a variety of two and three dimensional presentations of our work, from free standing scenes to aquariums, fish, lamp shades, sconces, bowls, and plates. We have been working with glass for more than 35 years. We have trained in many places including Stillwater, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, Calgary, and Red Deer. Alberta, and Invermere, British Columbia

We have had our pieces in a number of Galleries including the Boston Artists Gallery in Tulsa, Stillwater Multi-Arts Gallery, and the former 7th St. Gallery of Stillwater. We have sold our work at Festivals Such as the Paseo Art's Festival, Stillwater Run for the Arts, Edmond Art Festival, Moore Arts in the Park, and Stillwater Art and Heritage Festival. We have taught tile making and glass fusing.

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