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University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-5254 College of Mathematics & Science HOH 118A6 , Box 89

Classes Taught

BIO 1114- General Biology (Non-Majors)

BIO 1114L or  BIO 1211 General Biology Laboratory (Non-Majors) 

BIO 1211 University Life Sciences Lab

BIO 1204 Biology I for Majors

BIO 1234 Environmental Biology (Non-Majors)

BIO 2102 Biological & Medical Terminology

BIO 2233- Heredity and Evolution

BIO 3304- Genetics Laboratory


I am currently the General Biology Lab Coordinator for the Non- Majors General Biology Laboratories or recently the University Life Sciences Lab and a Full-time Lecturer in the Biology Department. I currently am also the Faculty Co-Sponsor for our Biology Club and the Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) National Honor Society for Biology Majors. My research interests include almost all biological topics (yes even plants and fungi) but my primary coursework and research experience has been in the Behavioral and Population Ecology of Vertebrates such as mammals, birds, and herps. I have also participated in some emerging and infectious disease research on West Nile Virus in small mammals as well as some molecular phylogenetic studies on some mammal populations (marmots, swift foxes, prairie dogs) as well. Though my true passion lies in fieldwork, I recognize the value of a well designed laboratory study as well to address certain questions so I have participated in both. 

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

Luna, L.D. and T.A. Baird. 2004. Influence of density on the spatial behavior of Female Thirteen-lined ground squirrels. Spermophilus tridecemlineatus. The Southwestern Naturalist 49:350-358.

Placement, Retrieval, and memory of Caches by Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrels. 2000. J. A. Devenport, L. D. Luna, and L. Devenport. Ethology 106:171-183.

An SEM Investigation of the Batfly, Trichobius major: A Morphological Survey of External Chemoreceptors and Mechanoreceptors. Linda D. Luna and David Elmendorf. Scanning, 1997. Publication and Poster Presentation- April 23, 1997- Monterray, CA.


Education and Certifications

B.S. University of Central Oklahoma

M.S. University of Central Oklahoma

I also have over 50 hours of coursework from both the University of Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma Biological Research Field Station as well as a few courses from Oklahoma State University. 

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