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University of Central Oklahoma


Jeannine Bettis is an experienced teacher of English to native and international students, a person skilled in the use and transmission of communication skills in every aspect. Having worked in a variety of settings and positions, she brings flexibility, understanding, kindness, and discipline in even measures to the students whom she instructs. She owned and operated Bettis Language Services for two decades, as well as teaching more than 30 years for UCO. As a revisionist and editor, she helped authors of books, dissertations, and theses to succeed in the goals they had set for their careers, and she does the same for students at our university.

Bettis specializes in helping freshmen students, both American and from other nations, to make the transition into adulthood in an academic setting, initiating them into the opportunities and achievements that lie before them not only as practitioners of excellent communication skills, but as scholars and future professionals.


Classes Taught

  • ENG 1113 - English Composition
  • ENG 1153 - English Composition for International Students
  • ENG 1213 - English Composition/Research
  • ENG 1223 - English Composition/Research for International Students
  • ENG 1253 - Vocabulary Building

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 10:15-11 a.m.

Monday and Wednesday: 1-2 p.m

Teaching Philosophy

"Education is not just the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

— Pablo Picasso

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