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University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-5860 Adult Education & Safety Sciences HES 200D , Box 120


Dr. Robin Lacy has served the University of Central for twenty plus years, beginning in 1999.  Hired by Carl Breazeale, Dr. Lacy has been instrumental in the continuing success of the Occupational Safety program.  Dr. Lacy has served as a faculty member, program coordinator, assistant department chair, and department chair.  Progressing from instructor to a tenured professor, Dr. Lacy counts the relationships with external stakeholders (companies, organizations, professional societies) as among his proudest achievements.  It is these relationships that lead to continuing opportunities for the students, interns and graduates of the Occupational Safety program. In addition, Dr. Lacy pays homage to those faculty and administrators that came before him, thanking them for their support, and paving the way for his success in leading both the safety program and the AESS department:  Carl Breazeale, Gayle Kearns, Candy Sebert, Virginia Osgood, Steve Allen, Gayle Snider, Robert Delano, Doug Reed, Frank Nelson, Karen Barnes, Shari Villani, Dean James Machell, Dean Judith Coe, Jan Tuepker, Pamela Fly, William Radke, John Barthell, Roger Webb, Don Betz and others too numerous to name.  

Classes Taught

SFTY 2343 - Safety Education

SFTY 3073 - Fundamentals of Occupational Safety

SFTY 3343 -  Construction Safety

SFTY 3433 -  Introduction to OSHA

SFTY 3443 -  Mandatory OSHA Training

SFTY 4613 - Professional Safety Development

SFTY 4900 - Practicum in Industrial Safety

SFTY 4950 - Internship in Industrial Safety

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:  Marketing

Oklahoma State University - 1985

Master of Science:  Environmental Science

Oklahoma State University - 1998

Doctor of Philosophy:  Environmental Science

Oklahoma State University - 2011


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