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Director Natural History Museum

University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-5794 College of Mathematics & Science HOH 301O , Box 89

Classes Taught

BIO 1114 General Biology

BIO 1211 University Life Sciences Lab

BIO 1225 Biology II for Majors: Diversity

BIO 1234 Environmental Biology

BIO 2102 Biological and Medical Terminology

BIO 4930 IS: Museum Studies

Education and Certifications

B.S. Biology, University of Central Oklahoma
M.S. Biology, University of Central Oklahoma

Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday, 9-9:50 a.m.


Mammalian ecology (emphasis on bats) and natural history museum curation techniques and preservation practices.

Professional and Community Involvement

Southwestern Association of Naturalists (SWAN)

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC)

Center for Wildlife Forensics and Conservation Studies (CFACS)

Oklahoma Bat Coordinating Team (OBCT)

presentations about natural history and animal diversity to local schools, libraries, and various community groups

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

Braun, J. K., M. A. Mares, B. S. Coyner, and L. S. Loucks. 2020. New Records of Mammals from Oklahoma. Occasional Papers, The Museum, Texas Tech University 364:1-24.

Caire, W., L. Samanie Loucks, M. L. Haynie, B. S. Coyner and J. K. Braun. 2019. Updated and revised checklist of the mammals in Oklahoma. Proc. Okla. Acad. Sci. 99:1-6.

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Caire, W., M. Gilbert, M. Endebrock, and L. Samanie Loucks. 2017. Use of a gelatin suspension method to examine lack of sexual dimorphism in cranial capacity of Tadarida brasiliensis from Oklahoma. Southwestern Naturalist 62(2):154-157.

Caire, W., L. Samanie Loucks, C.M. Deen, and T.L. Holshouser. 2016. A new record of and additional notes for the river otter, Lontra canadensis, from Logan County, OK. Proc. Okla. Acad. Sci. 96: 1-4.

Caire, W., L. Samanie Loucks, and PL Brown. 2015. Bat rabies in Oklahoma.  Southwestern Naturalist 59(4): 548-553.

McAllister, C. T. and L. S. Loucks. 2014. New county records for the Eastern Mole, Scalopus aquaticus (Soricimorpha: Talpidae) and Woodland Vole, Microtus pinetorum (Rodentia: Cricetidae), in Oklahoma. Proc. Okla. Acad. Sci. 94:76-78.

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Loucks, L. Samanie and W. Caire. 2007. Sex ratio variation of Myotis velifer (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Oklahoma. Southwestern Naturalist 52:67-74.  

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