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Classes Taught

  • BIO2211 Cell Biology Laboratory
  • BIO2203 Cell Biology
  • BIO3414 Histology
  • BIO4454/5454 Molecular Cell Physiology


Department of Biology:

Professor (2012-present)
Assistant Chair (2017-2020)
Interim Chair (2020-2022)

Program Coordinator, Oklahoma INBRE Program (2015 - present)

Education and Certifications

  • B.S. in Botany 1987, University of Oklahoma
  • Ph.D. Anatomical Sciences/Cell Biology 1998, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow 1999-2004, UT Southwestern Medical Center


What do wound healing, liver cirrhosis, Dupuytren's Contracture, hypertrophic scars and keloids have in common? The myofibroblast, a connective tissue cell, is present in all cases. I primarily study Dupuytren's contracture; this disease may cause the ring and/or pinky finger to flex (pull into the palm) because scar tissue is forming around the tendon. My research team tests hypotheses in vitro (in culture) using myofibroblasts that came from the disease. In my Cell Biology lab class (BIO 2211) we conduct preliminary tests for future research studies that are conducted in my lab with graduate and undergraduate students. With the help of Dr. Gang Xu in Engineering, we use optical coherence tomography to see how cells manipulate scar tissue in culture. I use my cell biology expertise to collaborate with my colleagues Drs. Christina Hendrickson (cancer studies), Amanda Waters (natural products chemistry), Bob Brennan (biofilm effects), Mohammad 'Robi' Hossan (fluid flow effects on cells), and Morshed Khandaker (polycaprolactone nanofiber effects on cells). By presenting our research at conferences and publishing in scientific journals, our hope is that other scientists and clinicians will find treatments for myofibroblast diseases someday.

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities


Khandaker M, Nomhwange H, Progri H, Nikfarjam S, Vaughan MB. Evaluation of Polycaprolactone Electrospun Nanofiber-Composites for Artificial Skin Based on Dermal Fibroblast Culture. Bioengineering (Basel). 2022 Jan 6;9(1):19. doi: 10.3390/bioengineering9010019. PMID: 35049727.


Tidwell K, Harriet S, Barot V, Bauer A, Vaughan MB, Hossan MR. Design and Analysis of a Biodegradable Polycaprolactone Flow Diverting Stent for Brain Aneurysms. Bioengineering (Basel). 2021 Nov 12;8(11):183. doi: 10.3390/bioengineering8110183. PMID: 34821749; PMCID: PMC8614946.

Konari PR, Clayton YD, Vaughan MB, Khandaker M, Hossan MR. Experimental Analysis of Laser Micromachining of Microchannels in Common Microfluidic Substrates. Micromachines (Basel). 2021 Jan 28;12(2):138. doi: 10.3390/mi12020138. PMID: 33525394.


Doan KT, Kshetri P, Attamakulsri N, Newsome DR, Zhou F, Murray CK, Chen WR, Xu G, Vaughan MB. The Effect of Chitosan Derivatives on the Compaction and Tension Generation of the Fibroblast-populated Collagen Matrix. Molecules. 2019 Jul 26;24(15). pii: E2713. doi: 10.3390/molecules24152713.

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2010 and older

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