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University of Central Oklahoma


Born and raised in Montana, Barbara Weidell's formative years were enriched by many outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking, in the Rocky Mountains. She went to Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, majoring in art. Her college education was cut short when she enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Conflict. Her service in the Armed Forces as an Army nurse enabled her to travel and live all over the United States. Weidell's military training allowed her to have a career in nursing, but her passion was always to pursue the arts. She returned to school obtaining a B.F.A. in sculpture from Sonoma State University and an M.F.A. in ceramics from San Diego State University. Weidell is a professor of art/sculpture at the University of Central Oklahoma. She is also the chair of the art department.

Classes Taught

Weidell has taught a wide variety of art classes as both a sculptor and drawer. She is capable of teaching a large array of art subjects. Here is a cross-section of the classes taught.

  • Drawing 2/Life drawing
  • 2 D Fundamentals
  • Mixed Media 1 & 2 
  • 3 D Fundamentals
  • Beginning sculpture
  • Intermediate scultpure
  • Advanced Sculpture 1 & 2 
  • Paper sculpture
  • The book as an art form 
  • Figurative Clay Sculpture

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