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Associate Professor

University of Central Oklahoma

Classes Taught

Art 2233 Painting I: Observation and Technique

Art 3603 Painting II: Surface and Technique

Art 3623 Painting II: Figurative Painting

Art 3990 Figurative Painting II

Art 4153 Advanced Painting: Serial Development

Art 4600 Studio Art – Painting

Art 4833 Senior Exhibition (studio art capstone course)

Art 4900 Practicum in Art

Art 4910 Portfolio Development 

Art 4950 Internship in Art

Education and Certifications

Master of Fine Arts in Painting University of Dallas, Irving, TX.

Master of Arts in Painting, University of Dallas, Irving, TX.

Post-Baccalaureate Honors, Knox College, Galesburg, IL.

B.A. in Studio Art, Knox College, Galesburg, IL.

Charles Cecil Atelier, Florence Italy.


After receiving his BA in Art at Knox College in Illinois and his MA and MFA in Painting from the University of Dallas he started a career in higher education that has now lasted over 20 years. He has studied and traveled extensively in Europe and the United States and his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the Unites States including Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, New York, Boston, and Las Vegas. David continues to work on a series of paintings that address issues of language and our own inherent physicality.  

David Currently serves as Chair of the Department of Art at the University of Central Oklahoma and is a Professor of Art teaching advanced courses in Studio Painting. 

Artist Statement

My most recent series of paintings began as I approached my 40thbirthday and found myself re-evaluating events and decisions I had made and examining the life those had created. The paintings serve as vehicle to further this self-analysis and reflect on the construct of self. 

I find myself drawn to an interpretation of Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken," that claims the road not taken is simply the ghost of decisions made in our past and our constant desire to know, compare, and fantasize about the "what if." In the end, however the only road that ever exists is the one we are on in that moment. 

The search for the balance between the known and the unknowable, as well as the dilemmas and anxieties inevitable in everyday life are the ultimate subject of my work. I am inspired by these dramatic moments of questioning and self-doubt, moments of vulnerability or potential confidence and the quiet moments of self-imposed solitude that make us who we are and have led us to this one path that is this moment.  

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