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University of Central Oklahoma

Education and Certifications

B.Sc. in Natural Resources from Cornell University (2000)

Ph.D in Zoology from the University of Oxford (2004)

Classes Taught

BIO 1114 – General Biology

BIO 1225 – Biology for Majors: Diversity 

BIO 3543 – General Ecology (in-class and online)

BIO 3551 – Ecological Methods (fall)

BIO 4012/5012 – Intro to Biological Research (fall)

BIO 4044/5044 – GIS & Ecology (spring of odd-numbered years)

BIO 4723/5723 – Biometrics (spring)

BIO 4734/5734 – Ornithology (spring of even-numbered years)

BIO 4914/5914 – Oklahoma Field Biology (co-teach during summers)

BIO 4970/5970 – Study-Abroad: Field Biology (occasionally)


Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

My research focuses on population and community ecology, particularly with regards to the effects of climate change on the distribution and phenology of organisms. My research focuses primarily on avian ecology, although I have conducted research on palms, cacti, iguanas, and emerging infectious diseases.

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