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Library Specialist

University of Central Oklahoma


Oliver Ellington is passionate about history, visual art and the way they correlate. Ellington's goal in life is to bring together the community through the understanding and appreciation of art. Stop by the Archives and Special Collections, Max Chambers Library, Room 215 to meet Oliver Ellington.

Education and Certifications

I am a UCO alumnus from the College of Fine Arts and Design. I studied global art and visual culture as a way of understanding history through art, culture and context. I also have an associate degree in art from Rose State College, and I attended one semester abroad at the University of Lodz in Poland. Currently, I am in a graduate program for museology in my final year at the University of Oklahoma-Online. 


Prior to working here, I worked for the Metropolitan Library System. In 2018, I worked with the museum curator at the Muzeum Sztuki MS1 in Lodz, Poland, for a semester internship. I put myself through college working as a server/bartender, which I believe gave me valuable skills to use in all walks of life. As a student, I exhibited in symposiums for art history and presented at Oklahoma Research Day, and National Council for Undergraduate Research (2017).


Painting, design, fashion, art history, documentaries and my cat.

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