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University of Central Oklahoma

Classes Taught

Professor Marty Ludlum joined UCO in 2008.  Prior to UCO, Professor Ludlum taught at Cameron U. in Lawton, Oklahoma (1991-1995) and Oklahoma City Community College (2000-2008).

Professor Ludlum teaches all the required business law courses, as well as electives including International Law and Legal Writing.

In addition, Professor Ludlum is active with study tours, having taken students to England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Greece, China, and South Korea.  

Professor Ludlum has also lectured in Finland, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

Education and Certifications

Professor Ludlum has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Economics, a Master's degree in Communication, and a Juris Doctor (Doctor of Laws) all from the University of Oklahoma.

Professor Ludlum is a licensed attorney to all courts in Oklahoma (since 1989).  He has a private practice since 1989 that has focused on small business management, probate, and criminal defense.  In addition, Professor Ludlum was a public defender for five years.

Honors and Awards

Professor Ludlum has won numerous honors in teaching, service, and research, including three Vanderford Awards (2011, 2013, 2017) and has twice been named Most Distinguished Teacher Scholar (2017 and 2018).

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

Professor Ludlum has authored over fifty (50) academic journal publications while at UCO.  In addition, he serves as Editor in Chief for the Southern Journal of Business and Ethics, and is a reviewer for several journals.


When not on campus, Professor Ludlum enjoys international travel and reading/writing mystery and suspense fiction.  He is also an award winning magician, who performs under the stage name "The Magic Dad."

Teaching Philosophy

I want you to succeed!  My emphasis in teaching is on learning. My teaching goal is to facilitate learning (helping you learn). I believe that teaching plays a major role. Learning is primarily your responsibility, whereas teaching is my responsibility. My emphasis is on helping you learn, rather than just dispensing my knowledge. I am there to “light their candle," not just "fill their bucket.”

I believe that effective teaching is comprised of two necessary and related elements: content knowledge and communication ability. I take care to make the concepts understandable to the students. I organize my presentations with your learning in mind and use humor and a variety in teaching techniques to make learning enjoyable to motivate the students to learn.

I follow these principles in teaching: being enthusiastic for each class and letting it show; learning about the students in the course; organizing each class well; using a presentation style that maximizes student interest; and using a variety of teaching methods to present the material. I use humor in my presentations to spark student interest and make my presentations engaging. I extensively utilize PowerPoint and multimedia, including D2L.

Office Hours

Professor Ludlum lives two minutes from campus, so he spends a great deal of time in his office.  If you are coming from a distance, be sure to email hime ( to be sure time is reserved for you.

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