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Assistant Professor

University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-5509 Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse Studies LAN 206 , Box 167


Leeda Copley is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse Studies. Born in Ohio, she moved to Oklahoma to take a faculty position with UCO in 2010. All majors in the department will take their capstone class, Sociological Research, with Copley. The highlight of her year is that, every summer, she gets to teach her own curricular creation, The Sociology of Monsters. Not surprisingly, then, she spends a lot of her personal time watching movies, listening to old time radio, and playing with her two cats, Marlowe and Remley.

Education and Certifications

PhD in Ageing Studies, 2017, Swansea University. 

ABD in Sociology, 2007-2012, The Ohio State University.

MA in Sociology, 2005, The Ohio State University.

BA with Honors in the Liberal Arts and Distinction for Sociology, 2003, The Ohio State University.

BA with Honors in the Liberal Arts for History, 2003, The Ohio State University.

Classes Taught

  • Sociological Research (SOC 4773/5773)
  • Sociology of Monsters (SOC 3990)
  • Gerontology Research (GERO 5823)
  • Sociology (2103)
  • Sociology of Gender (SOC 4523/5063)
  • Sociology of Health and Medicine (SOC 3303)
  • Sociological Statistics (SOC 4043/5043) 
  • Social Problems (SOC 2203)
  • Social Psychology (SOC 2303)

Teaching Philosophy

"If you're teaching today what you were teaching five years ago, either the field is dead or you are." — Noam Chomsky

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