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Associate Professor

University of Central Oklahoma


Kanghyun Yoon, Ph.D., is currently an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). He earned his B.S. and M.S. from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul, Korea), MBA from Illinois Institute Technology (Chicago, US) and Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, US).

He teaches courses such as Principles of Marketing, Consumer and Market Behavior (face-to-face and online), and Marketing Analytics. He was also teaching Branding Strategy, e-Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and Seminar in Bible-driven marketing at UCO

His main research interests are modeling consumer decision-making, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, online auctions, and shopping value, using econometric, Bayesian and IO approaches. He is also interested in studying the new field of Bible-Driven Marketing (BDM). For research activities, Dr. Yoon has published in journals such as Information Systems Research, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, among others.Yoon can be reached at

Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D. (2004), University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.
  • MBA (1995), Illinois Institute of Technology
  • M.S. (1989), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea
  • B.B.A. (1987), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea

Honors and Awards


  • The 2010 ACME Distinguished Paper Award, The McGraw-Hill/Irwin Distinguished Paper Award, and The Best Paper Award in Consumer Behavior Track, the ACME 2010.
  • AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Emory University, 2002.
  • Best Research Award, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, 2001.
  • The National Science Foundation Scholarship for the Bayesian Applications and Methods in Marketing Tutorial and Conference, The Ohio State University, 1999.

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities


Yoon, Kanghyun (2021), “Solution-Dominant Logic: Viewing Marketing Exchanges from the Problem-Solving Perspective,” Academia Letters, 1-7.

Tran, Thanh, Kanghyun Yoon, and Stefan Genchev (2017), “Lump-Sum versus Pay-As-You-Go: The Moderating Effect of Contract Types on the Optimal Logistics Decisions,” Managerial and Decision Economics, 38 (4), 547-555.

Kwak, Kyuseop and Kanghyun Yoon (2015), “Modeling Hybrid Behaviors of Inertia and Variety-Seeking Tendencies in Grocery Shopping with Hidden Markov Model (HMM),” Proceedings of the ANZMAC 2015.

Yoon, Kanghyun and Thanh V. Tran (2011), “Revisiting to the Relationship between Consumer Loyalty and Price Sensitivity: The Moderating Role of Deal-Proneness,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 19 (3), 293-306.

Yoon, Kanghyun and Thanh V. Tran (2011), “Capturing Consumer Heterogeneity in Loyalty Evolution Patterns,” Management Research Review, 34 (6), 649-662.

McKinney, Vicki, Kanghyun Yoon, and Fatemeh “Mariam” Zahedi (2002), “The Measurement of Web-Customer Satisfaction: An Expectation and Disconfirmation Approach,” Information Systems Research, 13 (3), 296-315.

Book Chapters:

Yoon, Kanghyun and Jeanetta D. Sims (2014b), “Re-Conceptualizing Relational Integrated Marketing Communications from the Perspective of Social CRM,” in Integrating Social Media into Business Practice, Applications, Management, and Models edited by In Lee, IGI Global, 224-255.

Yoon, Kanghyun and Jeanetta D. Sims (2014a), “Integrating Social Media and Traditional CRM: Toward A Conceptual Framework for Social CRM Practices,” in Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Web Analytics: Techniques, Tools, and Applications edited by Anteneh Ayanso and Kevin Lertwachara, IGI Global, 103-131.


Yoon, Kanghyun (2013), Fundamentals of Customer-Driven Marketing, GRT River Technologies. (ISBN: 978-1-61549-760-7,

Yoon, Kanghyun (2019), Consumer Behavior, Top Hat. (ISBN: 978-1-77412-058-3,

Yoon, Kanghyun (2020), Principles of Customer-Driven Marketing, Top Hat. (ISBN: 978-1-77412-178-8,

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