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Through Feb. 6, the university is operating at Level 2. For classes, this means faculty will have the discretion to choose a fully remote, hybrid, extended classroom or fully in-person format. Masks will be mandatory for in-person classes.

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Career Develpmnt Spec I

University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-2764 Career Development Center NUC 338 , Box 126

Education and Certifications

University of Central Oklahoma—Edmond, Oklahoma              December 2018

Master of Education, Adult Education

Augustana College—Rock Island, Illinois            May 2006

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre & Speech Communications


I have worked in higher education for twelve years. I began at the University of Central Oklahoma with the College of Education in Teacher Education in 2012.

For the past five years, I have been in the Career Development Center. I currently serve as the Outreach Specialist. I do what we call marketing or promotions. The events and resources the team puts together are opportunities for students to explore, discover, define, and act. I share these opportunities and resources through the different media platforms available to students, faculty, and staff.

I also have the great privilege of advising the Career Development Ambassadors, a student group focused on promotions, the creation of events, and advising students in a peer-to-peer format. We focus on coming together to find meaningful lifelong success together. 



Professional and Community Involvement

Management Development Program.          2019-2020

ALICE trained           2019-2020

Student Affairs Professional Development Committee             2018-2020

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Leadership Council           2019-2020

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Leadership Class IV             2018-2019

Empowerment 4 Excellence: President, Executive Board           2019-2021

Empowerment 4 Excellence: Marketing-Public Relations, Executive Board             2018-2020

Procedural Advisor: Student Affairs Conduct             2017-2019

CommonWealth Urban Farms Strategic Planning Committee              2018-2020

Make an Impact Podcast: Metro-Community             2018-2020

Sustainability Advisory Board            2016-2018

CAOK-Igniting Sparks for Change Planning Committee              2017-2018

OKWHE-Job Shadow; Linda Mason               2018

Leadership Executive Board: Student Interview Committee             2017-2018

Central Essentials: New Employee Development Committee             2017

LUCO Alumni (LUCOA): Planning Committee & Mentor                2016-2019

Leadership UCO (LUCO)               2015-2016


Teaching Philosophy

Reach out. I'd love to share and discuss what facilitation means to me. 

Here are a couple of my favorite lines. 

It is important to practice making decisions when many factors are at stake. It is important to sense discomfort and work in that space. T to the P. Trust the Process.

Students’ ideas will have a place to be explored, tailored, built, and practiced. Breathe Deep.

You will need each other. Find a partner/mate for your thoughts and feelings. You will want to debrief, you will want to challenge one another, you will crave kindness. Never be alone in a world full of people.

I believe we all learn by experience, content, reflection, and practice.

I suggest exploring: Kathleen King’s Transformative Learning, Metacognition, Chickering’s Seven Vectors, and Loving and Kindness.    

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