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UCO has transitioned to virtual instruction until the end of the semester, Nov. 30-Dec. 23. The campus is open until Winter Break begins Dec. 23. Offices are staffed and many services are still offered in person, as well as virtually. COVID-19 protocols remain in place. Masks are required on campus when around others. If you or someone you know has COVID-19 symptoms, has been directly exposed to COVID-19 or has tested positive, fill out UCO's COVID-19 Self-Reporting form. To learn more about current operations, view the university's coronavirus webpage. View a list of UCO's virtual services.

Director 21CPI

University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-2543 Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning CTL 201 , Box 212


She is the director of the 21st Century Pedagogy Institute (21CPI), which is part of the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning (CETTL). Her responsibilities include the 21st Century Pedagogy Institute (CPI), the Annual Fall Collegium on College Teaching Practice, and she is the associate director of the Annual Transformative Learning Conference. The mission of the 21CPI is to help faculty help students learn and to demonstrate faculty teaching effectiveness. After spending 16 years at a private university as a full-time faculty member and department chair, Horn decided to pursue her passion of student learning.

Classes Taught

  • Advanced Research
  • Conflict Analysis and Transformation
  • Domestic Violence                                                                                               
  • Gender, Race, Class and Crime
  • Global and Economic Justice
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Literacy and Critical Inquiry
  • Restorative Justice
  • Peacebuilding Strategies
  • Social Science Research
  • Social Justice
  • Theories of Justice
  • Women, Law, and Social Control
  • Minorities and the Law
  • Peace, Justice, and Sustainability

Education and Certifications

B.S., Arizona State University, 1983 – Criminal Justice

Concentration, Arizona State University, 1983 - Women’s Studies

M.S., Arizona State University, 1985 – Justice Studies

Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1994 - Justice Studies



2013 - Present - University of Central Oklahoma

Director of the 21st Century Pedagogy Institute

Assoc. Director of the Transformative Learning Conference

1997 - 2013 - Oklahoma City University

Professor and Department Chair - Sociology & Justice Studies

Journal Experience

2014-                  Reviewer, Journal of Educational Development

2014-                  Reviewer, Journal of Excellence in College Teaching

2014-                  Editorial Board, Journal of Transformative Dialogue

2013-                  Reviewer, Teaching & Learning Inquiry

2013-                  Reviewer, Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

2013 - 2016        Managing Editor, Journal of Transformative Learning

1988 - 1990        Managing Editor, Policy Studies Review

1985 - 1990        Asst. Editor, Women & Politics: A Journal of Research & Policy Studies

Honors and Awards

  • Senior Fellow, CETL - Faculty Teaching Academy, OCU 2012
  • Carnegie Scholar, Carnegie Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Creighton University, Omaha, NE. 2010
  • Faculty Honoree - Student Government Association, OCU - 2009
  • Mini-Grant Award Recipient, American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) - Bringing Theory to Practice Program - 2009
  • Priddy Fellow, Priddy Foundation (Arts Integration Fellowship), OCU - 2006-2007
  • Southern Poverty Law Center Teaching Tolerance Grant - 2006


In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to Blues and Jazz, visiting with my children, playing with my two dogs, and being in nature.

Office Hours

I work in the Center for Transformative Learning Building Room 201. I work from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. I am frequently at workshops so please email me if you plan on coming by.

Professional and Community Involvement

Professional Organizational Developers (POD). Reviewer, Conference Committee - 2013

Member, 21CPI Advisory Board, UCO 2013

Mentor, Teaching Portfolio Retreat, Roman Nose. CETL, OCU 2012

Member, External Rev. Justice Studies Program- James Madison Univ.- VA. 2011

Advisory Board, CETL, OCU 2008- 2011

External Peer Reviewer. Dr. C. Garrett 2010

Member, Retention Task Force, OCU 2008-2009

Faculty Scholarship Committee, OCU 2008-2011

Member, College of Arts & Sciences, Promotion & Tenure Committee, OCU 2006 -2009

Chair, College of Arts & Sciences, Promotion & Tenure Committee, OCU 2006 -2009

Member ISSOTL Interest Group: Student Engagement 2008

Member ISSOTL Interest Group: Sociology 2002

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

  • Bennett, D., Knight, E., Divan, A., Kuchel, L. Horn, J., van Reyk, D., & da Silva, K. “How do research intensive universities portray employability strategies? A review of their websites.”  Australian Journal of Career Development 1-10, 2017.
  • Horn, J.  Embedding threshold concepts in a student learning community. In NAIRTL, Threshold Concepts: Proceedings of the National Academy’s Sixth Annual Conference and the Fourth Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference.Dublin, Ireland, 2008.
  •  Horn, J.  “Uncovering my Whiteness and Unlearning Racism.” Transformative Dialogues 2(2), 2008.
  •  N.F. Russo, Horn, J., & Tromp, S. “Childspacing Intervals and Abortion Among Blacks and Whites: A Brief Report.” Women and Health 20(3): 43-52, 1993.
  • N.F. Russo, Horn, J., & R. Schwartz.  “U.S. Abortion in Context: Selected Characteristics and Motivations of Women Seeking Abortions.” Journal of Social Issues  8(3): 182-202, 1993.
  • N.F. Russo & Horn, J. “Psychological Perspectives on Abortion and Its Alternatives: Research and Policy.” Journal of Social Issues 48(3), 1992.
  • R.M. Kelly, Saint-Germain, M., & Horn, J.  “Female Public Officials: A Different Voice? THE ANNALS of The American Academy of Political and Social Science 515(1): May 77-87, 1991.
  • N.F. Russo & Horn, J. “Unwanted Pregnancy and its Resolution: Options, Implications,” in Women: A Feminist Perspective (5th ed.) Mayfield Pub. Chapter 3 pp. 47-64 (ed. Jo Freeman).
  •  Horn, J. “Women’s Rights: Restricting or Liberating? An Analysis of the “U.S. Congressional Hearings on The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.” Unpublished Dissertation, 1994.

Teaching Philosophy

Her teaching philosophy is informed by evidence-based research on meaningful learning that shows students learn best through active engagement. Research suggests that the best pedagogy for long-term retention and integration of material is through “doing” or working with the material. As a consequence, classrooms that she facilitates involve active learning structures such as team-based learning, group work, collaborative learning, and cooperative learning.

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