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University of Central Oklahoma


John Wood, Ph.D. is an associate professor of public administration in the MPA program at UCO. He teaches classes in leadership, public policy, municipal management, urban sustainability, environmental policy, and urban politics. Wood is the former vice mayor of Guthrie, Oklahoma, chairing Guthrie’s finance and street committee, and served as vice chair of the Garber-Wellington committee for the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG). He currently is the Oklahoma past president of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and president-elect of the UCO chapter. In addition to his teaching and service, Wood published the edited volume Taking Sides: Clashing Views in State & Local Government, as well as 13 peer-reviewed articles in public administration and policy. In the last two years, he was awarded nearly $40,000 in grants for multiple student service projects at UCO. He has also traveled to 36 countries, served in the Marines during the Gulf War in 1990-91, and is married to his beautiful wife, Bonnie.

Honors and Awards

  • First place winner of the 2018 Masonic Endowment for Transformative Learning Award, University of Central Oklahoma, for the “Generation Citizen UCO” project, $6,000 (with Marc Goulding and Justin Olmstead), August 14, 2018.
  • LTC Oren Peters UCO Veteran Appreciation Award, University of Central Oklahoma, November 2017.
  • UCO AAUP Research Award, University of Central Oklahoma, May 2017.
  • Liberal Arts Service Award, University of Central Oklahoma, $500 April 2017.
  • UCO AAUP Service Award, University of Central Oklahoma, April 2016.
  • LA New Faculty Member of the Year, $1500 Liberal Arts College March 23, 2016.

Classes Taught

  • American Government (139 sections)
  • Campaigns & Elections (7 sections)
  • Introduction to Public Policy (2 sections)
  • Introduction to Politics (17 sections)
  • Mass Media and Politics (7 sections)
  • State & Local Government (14 sections)
  • Comparative Politics (6 sections)
  • Environmental Public Policy (2 sections)
  • Public Executive Leadership (10 sections)
  • Public Administration (4 section)
  • Municipal Management (3 section)
  • Urban Sustainability (3 sections)
  • Grant writing for P.A.
  • Urban Government & Politics

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

Edited Book

  • Co-editor, Oklahoma Government & Politics: An Introduction. 7th Edition. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing. (forthcoming 2019).
  • Taking Sides: Clashing Views in State & Local Government. 2011. Editor. New York, NY: McGraw Hill. ISBN 0078050057/978-0-078-05005-3.

Invited Articles and Chapters (Editorial Review)

  • “Millennial Voting,” 2017. Oklahoma Votes: Improving the Election Process, Voter Access & Informed Voter Engagement. The Oklahoma Academy’s 2-017 Town Hall: 114-115.
  • “Oklahoma Environmental Policy,” In Sharp, Brett S, Christopher Markwood, & Jan Hardt. 2014. Oklahoma Government & Politics: An Introduction. 6th Ed.  Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

Encyclopedia Entries

  • “E-Democracy,” In Harvey, Kerric and Golson, J. Geoffrey. Editors. Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics. 2013. Volume 1. Sage Publications: 432-433. ISBN:9781452244716 (With Tony Wohlers).
  •  “Oklahoma - consumption, waste collection and disposal,” In Carl A. Zimring and William L. Rathje. Editors: 626-628. Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste: The Social Science of Garbage. 2012. Sage Publications, ISBN-13: 978-1412988193.


National/International Level

  • “Food or Thought? Assessing Internal and External Factors Effecting Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness” November 2017. Journal of Political Science Education. (with Ryan Kiggins and Ken Kickham) Volume 13 (2). DOI 10.1080/15512169.2017.1329089
  •  “Systematic Power from a Complexity Theory Point of View.” Fall 2014. Journal on Policy and Complex Systems volume 2, number 2: 19-41.
  •  “Tragedy of the Commons Meets the Anti-Commons: Water Management and Conflict on the Southern Plains of the United States.” Spring 2014. (with Tony Wohlers, Aaron Mason, and Eric Schmaltz) Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 16, 1450005 DOI: 10.1142/S1464333214500057.
  • “Assessment of the Movement of Movements in America,” 2008. New Political Science: A Journal of Politics & Culture, Volume 30, Number 4: 475-492, December.
  • “Dawn of the Cosmopolitan: The Hope of a Global Citizens Movement,” (with Orion Kriegman), 2008. Journal of Global Initiatives Volume 3, Number 1, July.
  • “Mediation Styles: The Assessment of Mediators,” 2004. Conflict Resolution Quarterly 21(4): 437-450.

State Level

  • “Fallin’s Formal Powers in Transition: From Weak Governor to CEO.” 2016. Oklahoma Politics. Volume 26, November: 107-138.
  • “Student Engagement: The Development of Citizenship.” 2014. Civitas: The Journal of Citizenship Studies. Volume 2.
  • "Water Management in Oklahoma: Regulating and Competing For Limited Common Pool Resources." (with Tony Wohlers, Aaron Mason, and Eric Schmaltz) 2012. Oklahoma Politics. Volume 22, November: 41-72.
  • "Domestic Terrorists vs. Blackmailers: Unresolved Conflict Between Municipalities and Rural Water Districts." 2012. Oklahoma Politics. Volume 22, November: 73-109.
  • “What Is the Tea Party Phenomenon? An Exploration on Whether It Is a Political Movement, a Third Party, or Something Else?” 2012. Civitas: The Journal of Citizenship Studies. Volume 1: 39-71.
  • “Is the Fox Guarding the Hen House? Conflicts of Interest That Pervade the One Hundred-Year History of the Oklahoma Insurance Commission,” 2008. Oklahoma Politics. Volume 18, November: 75-88.
  • “Technobabble and Rights Talk: Dueling Frames Underlying Conflict About Illinois River Pollution,” 2004. Oklahoma Policies Studies Review, spring/summer 5(1): 19-22.

Online articles

2018’s Most Charitable States, Nov 27, 2018, “Ask the Experts”

“Syllabi & Grades,” 2008. Expert Briefs for GradShare with ProQuest, Bethesda, Maryland.;

  • “Dealing with Student Complaints,” 2008. Expert Briefs for GradShare with ProQuest, Bethesda, Maryland.

Education and Certifications


Oklahoma State University

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Policy and Conflict Management, January 2007. 4.0 GPA.   Emphasis on Public Policy, Environment, Globalization, Conflict, Management, and Government.
  • Master of Arts, Political Science, spring 1998. 4.0 GPA. Emphasis on Congress, Presidency, Public Policy, and Mass Media.
  • Bachelor of Science, Journalism and Broadcasting (News/Editorial), summer 1994. 3.49 GPA.


  • Two-time 21st Century Pedagogy Institute, 1st May 2017 Most Distinguished Teacher-Scholar & 2nd May 2018, through the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching & Learning (CETTL) (in progress).
  • Two-time Outstanding Professors’ Academy at University of Central Oklahoma, 1st September 2005-May 2006 (Rose State College); 2nd September 2016-May 2017 (UCO),
  • Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) I & II, September 2016. STLR Refresher October, 2017.
  • Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) certification, July 2015; July 2017.
  • UCO Study in Teaching & Learning (SOTL) Scholar 2016-2017; Mentor 2017-2018.
  •  “Creating a Study Tour Leadership Experience (CaSTLE) Program certificate,” Fall 2014-Spring 2016. Completed with an Internship, 1st trip- Gulu, Uganda with students in the Leadership minor program with Jarrett George.; 2nd trip-Habitat for Humanity in Retahuleu, Guatemala.
  • “Standards for Excellence Series” Workshops, the Oklahoma Center for Non Profits, Oklahoma City. September-October 2012. Four-part series.
  • Certified Municipal Officer (CMO) certificate from the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML), 40 hours of workshop training, October 2009-September 2010.
  • Oklahoma Agricultural Mediation Program (OAMP), certificate in Arbitration, Stillwater, Oklahoma, January 2000.
  • Early Settlement Mediation Program (mediator certification), Kingfisher, Oklahoma, June 1999. Mediated more than two dozen mediations at state courts in Oklahoma.

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