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Event Coordinator

University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-3754 Oklahoma Center for Arts Education EVH 105A , Box 208


Debra Gallagher is one-half of the Oklahoma Center for Arts Education (OCAE) dynamic duo, joining in 2016. Born and raised in Michigan, she earned her B.A. in business management from Michigan State University. Upon graduation, she moved to Chicago where her career concentrated on nonprofit association management, both in the large corporate setting at the world’s largest association management firm and later at the stand-alone association level. After leaving the workforce briefly as a stay-at-home mom, she taught preschool for several years, perfecting her skills in preschooler negotiation, finger painting, reading books upside down and singing children’s songs horribly off-key. She now happily resides in Oklahoma with her husband and two daughters (both graduates of the University of Central Oklahoma...go Bronchos!) and has been known to still randomly break out in song.

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