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University of Central Oklahoma (405) 974-5679 Humanities and Philosophy LAN 131 , Box 166


Joey Williams is a Mediterranean archaeologist whose research focuses on Roman material culture, the negotiation of ancient colonial encounters, and landscapes of conflict. His work incorporates pottery analysis, geographic information systems, and landscape archaeology to analyze the role of surveillance in the process of conquest and colonization. His most recent major publication, The Archaeology of Roman Surveillance in the Central Alentejo, Portugal, investigates the role of vision and (in)visibility in the organization of the Roman province of Lusitania. In Portugal, he helps to manage a nonprofit group, Western Iberia Archaeology, that oversees the archaeological investigation and preservation of a number of different sites. Aside from his work in Portugal, Dr. Williams is also interested in Mediterranean ceramics, Latin epigraphy, and archaeological theory. 

Since 2010, Williams has co-directed the archaeological excavation of a 1st c. BCE tower enclosure near Redondo, Portugal, and in 2013, he helped to initiate the survey and excavation of Santa Susana, a Roman villa in the same region. He is also involved in an ongoing analysis of legacy data and materials from the DAI-AAR excavation of the Constantinian Basilica in Ostia Antica. 

Education and Certifications

Ph.D. in Classics – Mediterranean Archaeology, University at Buffalo, SUNY

M.A. in Classics – Classical Archaeology, University of Arizona

B.A. cum laude in Interdisciplinary Studies – Anthropology & History, Hendrix College


2016 – present - Pottery Analyst, DAI-AAR Excavations in Ostia (1996-2001), Ostia Antica, Italy

2013 – present -  Co-Director, Santa Susana Archaeological Project, Igreja de Santa Susana, Portugal

2010 – present - Co-Director, Caladinho Archaeological Project, Redondo, Portugal

2009 - Instructor, Roman Epigraphy Workshop, Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisbon, Portugal

2009 - Supervisor, Évoramonte Axis Mundi Excavation, Évoramonte, Portugal

2008 - Intern, Metal Artifacts Analysis, Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisbon, Portugal

2008 - Supervisor, Torre de Palma Late Roman Cemetery Project, Torre de Palma, Portugal

2006 - Intern, Ceramics Analysis, Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisbon, Portugal

2006 - Supervisor, Roman Villa of Matança Excavation, Vaiamonte, Portugal

2005 - Student, Roman Ceramics Workshop, Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisbon, Portugal

2005 - Field School Student, Troía Necropolis Excavation, Troía, Portugal

2003 - Field School Student, Anglo-American Project in Pompeii, Pompeii, Italy  

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities


2017 - The Archaeology of Roman Surveillance in the Central Alentejo, Portugal. California Classical Studies.

2016 - “Amphorae at the Origins of Lusitania: Transport Pottery from Western Hispania Ulterior in Alto Alentejo,” Lusitanian Amphorae: Production and Distribution. Roman and Late Antique Mediterranean Pottery 10: 139-152, with R. Mataloto and C. Roque. Archaeopress.

2016 - “Nas Origens da Lusitânia: As Ânforas da Ulterior Ocidental no Interior Alto Alentejano,” Cadernos do Endovelico 2: 19-39, with R. Mataloto and C. Roque. Edições Colibri.

2015 - “Terra Sigillata Italica from Caladinho (Redondo, Portugal),” Contextos Estratigráficos na Lusitania. AAP Monografias 1: 13-24, with R. Mataloto. Associação dos Arqueólogos Portugueses.

2014 - “‘E dahí desceo a dar-lhe batalha…’: a ocupação prerromana e a romanização da região da Serra d’Ossa (Alentejo Central, Portugal),” La Gestación de los Paisajes Rurales entre la Protohistoria y el Período Romano. Anejos de Archivo Español de Arqueologia 70: 17-43, with R. Mataloto and C. Roque. Instituto Arqueología Mérida.

2011 - “Caladinho 2010: A Preliminary Report on the Excavation of a First-Century B.C.E. Tower in Alto Alentejo, Portugal,” Chronika 1: 22-26, with R. Mataloto. 

2009 - “The Environmental Effects of Populonia’s Metallurgical Industry: Current Evidence and Future Directions,” Etruscan Studies 12: 129-148.

Forthcoming - "What’s Roman about Fish Sauce?: Garum Containers and the Colonial Encounter in Early Roman Portugal,” Sauces and Condiments in the Western World. Oxford University Press.

Forthcoming - “‘Are You Local?’: Imported and Locally Produced Amphorae in Alto Alentejo during the First Century B.C.: Three Case Studies at Soeiros, Rocha da Mina, and Caladinho,” A Family  Business: Ovoid Amphorae in the Central and Western Mediterranean, with R. Mataloto and C. Roque.

Forthcoming - “A Villa Romana de Santa Susana (Redondo): Balanço das Intervenções 2013-2016,” Proceedings of the IX Encontro de Arqueologia do Sudoeste Peninsular, with E. Ljung and R. Mataloto.

In prep. - “Pottery from the Capanna Murata Excavations in Ostia Antica,” with A. Donnelly, J. Leidwanger, E. Ljung, E. Macauley-Lewis, and A. Martin. (For submission to the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome.)

In prep. - “A Child’s Graffito from the Villa of Santa Susana, Portugal,” with E. Ljung and R. Mataloto. (For submission to Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik.)

In prep. - “Common, Cooking, and Coarse Wares from the DAI-AAR Urbanistic Project at Ostia (1996-2001),” with A. Donnelly and A. Martin.

Recent Presentations

2019 - “Coarse and Cooking Ware Pottery from the DAI/AAR Excavations at Ostia Antica: Preliminary Thoughts on Trade and Regionality.” The Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, with A. Donnelly.

2019 - “Evidence for Transhumance among the Early Roman Towers of the Central Alentejo, Portugal.” The Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, with K. Sheldon and R. Mataloto.

2018 - “Amphorae, Fish Sauce, and the Colonial Encounter in Roman Portugal.” Oklahoma Archaeology Conference 2018. University of Oklahoma.

2016 - “A Villa Romana de Santa Susana (Redondo): Balanço das Intervenções 2013-2016.” IX Encontro de Arqueologia do Sudoeste Peninsular, with R. Mataloto and E. Ljung.

2016 - “An Early Roman Watchtower in Central Lusitania: Colonial Negotiation, Cultural Exchange, and Surveillance Archaeology.” Poster. The 12th Roman Archaeology Conference.

2016 - “The Santa Susana Archaeological Project: Field Report 2013 – 2015.” The Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, with E. Ljung and R. Mataloto.

2015 - “Roman Watchtowers, Surveillance Systems, and Espionage.” Archaeological Institute of America, Society of Tucson and Southern Arizona, University of Arizona. Invited Speaker.

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