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University of Central Oklahoma


Maria Diaz Montejo, Ph.D., is a lecturer in the Department of History and Geography. Diaz Montejo's teaching and research interests include issues of race, gender, ethnic belonging, immigration, identity politics and cultural performance. She is working on expanding her research to Oklahoma City and offering a more nuanced understanding of the immigrant experience in the US. 

In the classroom, Diaz Montejo brings personal and professional experiences from across North America starting with her fieldwork in her hometown, Jakaltenango, in highland Guatemala, and later in Jupiter, Florida; Her time as a refugee in Southern Mexico; Her formative years and undergraduate studies in Ottawa, Canada; Her graduate work in Albany, New York; and, her time working and teaching in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Outside of the classroom, Diaz Montejo is busy keeping up with her three children. 

Classes Taught

  • HIST 1483 - History of the US to 1877
  • HIST 1493 - History of the US since 1877
  • HIST 1023 - World History II
  • HIST 3133 - Colonial American and the Atlantic World
  • HIST 4513/5513 - History of Mexico
  • HIST 4643/5643 - Anthropology: Societies/Global Perspectives
  • HIST 4833/5833 - Social & Cultural History of the US since 1865
  • HIST 4873/5873 - History of the US, 1945 to Present
  • GEO 2303 - Regional Geography of the World
  • GOE 3134 - Latin American Geography

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Lecturer Award, College of Liberal Arts, UCO, 2020
  • STLR Student Project, Latino Immigrants in the Greater Oklahoma Metro Area (000949), 2019-2020
  • Adjunct Faculty of the Year, College of Liberal Arts, UCO, 2018
  • National Science Foundation Research Award, No. BCS-0960691, 2010     
  • University at Albany Dissertation Research Fellowship Award, 2010 
  • University at Albany Benevolent Association Research Grants, 2010

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