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Associate Professor

University of Central Oklahoma


Devin Pierce Scheef, M.F.A., is an associate professor of scenic design and assistant chair of the Department of Theatre Arts at UCO. Scheef holds a master's degree in technical theatre from the University of Nevada - Las Vegas and has previously designed scenery and props for the Nevada Conservatory Theatre (Las Vegas), Maine State Music Theatre (Brunswick, Maine) and the American Heritage Center for Performing Arts (Plantation, Florida). He has also performed a variety of operational and show-support roles within the theme park, cruise line and circus industries.

Classes Taught

  • THRT 1553 Foundations of Theatre Arts
  • THRT 2123 Stage Makeup
  • THRT 2303 Script Analysis
  • THRT 2243 Scene Painting
  • THRT 2743 Computer Drafting for Theatre
  • THRT 2901 Portfolio Seminar
  • THRT 3133 Set Design
  • THRT 3633 Voice and Movement 3
  • THRT 4313 Advanced Set Design

Office Hours

10 a.m.-noon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 

Honors and Awards

2023 Vanderford Distinguished Teacher Award

2018 Vanderford Initiative Award

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