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Associate Professor

University of Central Oklahoma


Eric joined the UCO faculty in August 2017 to teach Inorganic, Environmental, and General Chemistry courses.  He has been active in research projects focused on undergraduate student experiences in areas of chemical education, inorganic chemistry, radiochemistry, and crystallography.

Education and Certifications

The University of Iowa, Ph.D. Chemistry 2017

Luther College, B.A. Chemistry 2012

Classes Taught

Most commonly taught:

CHEM 1103 General Chemistry I

CHEM 1112 General Chemistry I Lab

CHEM 3353 Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 4654 Inorganic Chemistry (& Lab)


Honors and Awards

UCO CETTL 21st Century Pedagogy Institute Lifetime Teacher-Scholar 2021

UCO CETTL 21st Century Pedagogy Institute Distinguished Teacher-Scholar 2021

UCO CETTL 21st Century Pedagogy Institute Distinguished Teacher-Scholar 2020

UCO CETTL 21st Century Pedagogy Institute Distinguished Teacher-Scholar 2019

UCO CETTL 21st Century Pedagogy Institute Teacher-Scholar 2018

VIPEr Fellowship, funded by an NSF IUSE grant, 2018-2020

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

  1. Thompson C.E., Nelson A.W., Gribble L.A., Caskey S.A., Eitrheim E.S. Chemical Safety and Security Education in ACS-Approved Chemistry Programs. Journal of Chemical Education, 2020 97, 7, 739-1746.
  2. Lee R.J., Huggins A., Waters A.L., Eitrheim E.S., Cook T. Analyzing Factors for First Semester General Chemistry Student Success at the University of Central Oklahoma. Proceeding of the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences, 2019 99, 120-125.
  3. Eitrheim E.S., Nelson A.W., Knight A.W., May D., Forbes, T.Z. Recent Advancements in the Radiochemistry of Elements Pertaining to Select Nuclear Materials and Wastes. ACS Symposium Series: Elements Old and New: Discoveries, Developments, Challenges, and Environmental Implications, 2017 9, 173 – 194.
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  6. Nelson A.W., Eitrheim E. S., Knight A.W., May D., Wichman, D.W., Forbes, T.Z., Schultz, M.K. Polonium-210 Accumulates in a Lake Receiving Coal Mine Discharges – Anthropogenic or Natural? J. Environ. Radioact. 2016 17, 211–221.
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