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Associate Professor

University of Central Oklahoma

Education and Certifications

Ph.D., Experimental Psychology

University of Memphis, 2017

M.S., Psychology

University of Memphis, 2014

B.A., Psychology

University of Tampa, 2010

Classes Taught


  • Psychological Statistics (in person and online)
  • Advanced Statistics: SPSS (in person)
  • Experimental Psychology (in person)
  • Cognitive Psychology (in person and online)
  • Research Methods Lab (in person)


  • Experimental Design (in person)


Jaclyn Maass', Ph.D., research focuses on learning, memory and knowledge transfer. This includes research on note-taking, encoding variability, transfer-appropriate processing, generativity, cognitive load, depth of processing, feedback, and spacing during retrieval practice. Maass has also mentored undergraduate and graduate students on research involving jury decision-making, eyewitness memory and growth/fixed mindset.

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