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Assistant Professor

University of Central Oklahoma


Jenna Messick, Ph.D., is currently a professor of Biology and Herbarium Curator at the University of Central Oklahoma. My research interests are plant focused and include taxonomy, ecology, distributions and spatial ecology, phenology, seed germination, population genetics.

Education and Certifications

B.S. Botany & Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

M.A. Biogeography, University of Oklahoma

Ph.D. Biogeography, University of Oklahoma

Research, Published Work, and Scholarly Activities

Messick, J.A., and B.W. Hoagland. 2018. Seed Production and Germination of Penstemon oklahomensis Pennell (Plantaginaceae), a Southern Great Plains Endemic. Castanea, 83: 91-103.

Messick, J.A., and B.W. Hoagland. 2013. Potential Distribution Modeling of Penstemon oklahomensis Pennell (Plantaginaceae). Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 7: 891-899.

Hoagland, B.W., Messick, J., Rahman, M., and T. Fagin. 2013. Vegetation Patterns in Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma: An Analysis of General Land Office Survey Records from 1874 and 1905. Publications of the Oklahoma Biological Survey, 12: 1-14.

Messick, J.A., and B.W. Hoagland. 2012. Penstemon oklahomensis (Plantaginaceae) Habitat in Oklahoma. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science, 92: 37-46.

Professional and Community Involvement

UCO Horticulture Club

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Botanical Society of America

Society of Herbarium Curators

Flora of Oklahoma

Classes Taught

BIO 1225 - Principles of Biology - Diversity

BIO 3303 - Genetics

BIO 4294 - Plant Taxonomy and Laboratory

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