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UCO Receives Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Leadership Award

Nov. 16, 2011

Media Contact: Adrienne Nobles, Director of Communications and Marketing, University of Central Oklahoma, (405) 974-2103,


Further establishing its position as a leader in sustainability initiatives, the University of Central Oklahoma received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Leadership Award Nov. 16 at an event held in conjunction with the 2011 Renewable Energy Markets Conference in San Francisco.

The award recognizes the country’s leading green power users for their commitment and contribution to helping advance the development of the nation’s voluntary green power market.

Central is one of only ten organizations nationwide to receive the Leadership distinction from the EPA for its green power purchase. Central currently receives 100-percent of its energy from wind power, helping to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the campus’ electricity use.

“We are pleased that our partners at the EPA have recognized Central as a national leader in the use of green energy,” said UCO President Don Betz.

“At Central, we are deliberate in our efforts to be responsible stewards of our resources.  It’s just one of the reasons our campus is an appealing place to be.”

Central currently purchases 26 million kilowatt-hours of green power from Edmond Electric annually. Per EPA estimates, Central’s purchase is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emission from the electricity use of more than 2,000 average American homes each year, and has the equivalent impact of reducing the carbon dioxide emission of nearly 4,000 passenger cars annually.

Central has a standing relationship with the EPA, becoming a part of the Green Power Partnership in 2006. The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program, which encourages organizations to use green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use. The Partnership current has more than 1,200 partner organizations voluntarily purchasing billions of kilowatt-hours of green power annually.

The EPA Green Power Leadership awards recognize Green Power Partners who distinguish themselves through purchases of green power from a utility green-pricing program, a competitive green marketer, or a renewable energy certificate supplier.

For more information about Central’s green power purchasing and other sustainability initiatives at the university, visit