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UCO School of Music Opens New Center For Historical Performance

May 8, 2013

Media Contact:  Liz Johnson, Marketing and Communications Manager, University of Central Oklahoma College of Fine Arts and Design, 405-974-3774,


The University of Central Oklahoma School of Music recently announced the opening of the UCO Center for Historical Performance, a new endeavor focused specifically on understanding and presenting music from the past utilizing historical instruments like the recorder, harp, natural horn and harpsichord.           

Recently approved by the Regional University System of Oklahoma, the goals of the Center for Historical Performance include educating Central students in historical performance music and sharing it with the Oklahoma City metro community via music performances, discussions about historical performance and instruments, etc.           

The Center for Historical Performance currently offers and is expanding coursework in historical performance at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as working toward the development of an undergraduate minor and graduate major in the field.           

“We are absolutely thrilled to see our efforts come to fruition through the development of the UCO Center for Historical Performance,” said Tess Remy-Schumacher, D.M.A., coordinator for the center.           

“Providing our students with the opportunity to study historical performance as a part of their music studies will really set them apart from others.  Coursework in historical performance and playing historical instruments will help them gain insight into a whole other realm of music as an experience and artistic expression,” she continued.           

Students can practice on real historical instruments due to a recent anonymous donation of funds to be used toward the purchase of the instruments.  Additionally, a historical harpsichord was anonymously donated to the project as well.

For further information about the UCO Center for Historical Performance, contact Tess Remy-Schumacher, coordinator, at 405-974-5650 or Ted Honea, academic coordinator, at 405-974-5642.

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