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UCO's Department of Engineering and Physics Receives Elevated Status to School of Engineering

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Oct. 10, 2022

Media Contact: Tami Jackson, Development and Marketing Coordinator, UCO College of Mathematics and Science, 405-974-2740,

UCO’s Department of Engineering and Physics Receives Elevated Status to School of Engineering

The University of Central Oklahoma’s Department of Engineering and Physics has elevated its designation to the School of Engineering, reflecting the school’s overall growth, quality and broad range of STEM-focused programs. The school is home to four accredited engineering programs including biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, engineering physics and mechanical engineering.

“The redesignation as the UCO School of Engineering is based on the excellence of the school’s academic programs, the high level of faculty productivity and the focus on undergraduate and graduate research,” said Gloria Caddell, Ph.D., dean of the College of Mathematics and Science at Central.

“It reflects the strengths of what the school has to offer and the benefits of pursuing an engineering degree at UCO.”

The UCO School of Engineering’s bachelor’s programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET), which confirms the programs have met the standards essential to prepare students to enter critical engineering occupations in the global workforce.

“For fifteen years, we have been growing organizations in Oklahoma by evolving well-trained engineers from our accredited programs. With this redesignation, we are forming new industry partnerships that will differentiate us from other universities and colleges,” said Evan Lemley, Ph.D., assistant dean for the College of Mathematics and Science at Central.

Student research and engineering design at the undergraduate and graduate levels remain an important element for the UCO School of Engineering that it plans to add a fully equipped makerspace, which will provide students with a well-designed space to accommodate research and design needs. 

“The new makerspace will house student workspace for projects and research in areas such as reverse engineering, additive and subtractive prototyping and outreach activities. Resources, like the makerspace, will ensure that the UCO School of Engineering is ready to engage and meet the educational and workforce needs of the metropolitan community," Lemley said.

The UCO School of Engineering will continue to integrate multiple disciplines, including a recently created computer engineering program that will undergo ABET review in the next program evaluation.

The school offers a master’s program in engineering physics that gives students the choice between four majors—biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics. 

Central also has a professional science master's degree in computational science that combines graduate coursework in a chosen STEM major and management.

Students graduating from the UCO School of Engineering are equipped to enter a vast array of industries and will develop a solid educational foundation to lead the way in innovation and emerging technologies.

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